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Experiencia de Viajes de buceo en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Espa

Disfruta de una Dive and sail from the Canary Islands to Funchal saliendo desde Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Espa a bordo de un Custom - 4 masted scooner de 68 de eslora, del año 1937, con 46 pax de capacidad, 16 cabinas, 16 baños, GPS, Radar, Chalecos salvavidas, VHF, Sonda y Molinete eléctrico, Piloto automático, Equipo de viento, EPIRB, Generador, Embarcación auxiliar, Hélice de proa, Ducha, Equipo de buceo, Cañas de pescar, Equipo HI-FI, Wi-Fi, TV. Con Comidas a bordo, Patrón profesional, Ropa de cama, Paddle Surf, Equipo de pesca incluido en el precio.
Actividad de:
  • Viajes de buceo

  • Vacaciones en barco

Embarkation: Sunday, December 1st
Disembarkation: Sunday, December 8th

Our voyage starts in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Known for their crystal-clear waters, typically about 20ºC, the surrounding dive sites offer great biodiversity, and a sea bed abundant with caves, niches and reefs. Divers are then invited to play their part as crew to hoist the sails of the Santa Maria Manuela as we sail the 100 miles north to the Ilhas Selvagens, home to National Geographic’s 2017 expedition.

We then dive the rugged, inhospitable Ilhas Selvagens, located nearly midway between Madeira and the Canary Islands in the North Atlantic, Portugal’s southernmost territory. If you aren’t diving, explore remote waters on the ship’s kayaks and paddle boards.

In recognition of their importance as a nesting point for numerous bird species, the Selvagens are part of the country’s Madeira Nature Park. Offshore, shipwrecks litter the marine landscape which create a rich environment for sea life.

The more tranquil waters of Porto Santo await 160 miles further north for the final of our dive days. The golden island offers ideal diving conditions with most dive sites best accessed by boat. Butterfly rays, barracuda, grouper and sea bass abound on the island’s 23 dive sites and around the Madeirense shipwreck.

We then raise anchor for the 40 mile crossing south to the city of Funchal and the end of our voyage.
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El precio incluye:
  • Comidas a bordo
  • Patrón profesional
  • Ropa de cama
  • Paddle Surf
  • Equipo de pesca
El precio no incluye:
  • Equipo de buceo
The posted price is the price per adult. Youths (15-25 years) cost 840€.
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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Espa

Características del barco
Four masted schooner Santa Maria Manuela offers adventure voyages, island hopping, ocean voyages, diving and oceanographic expeditions for individuals of all ages and groups. At 223ft long (63 metres) she is the largest tall ship Classic Sailing offers activity holidays on, but the crew to guest ratio is excellent so you will be well looked after. This historic Portuguese tall ship has excellent facilities on board and plenty of holiday toys like dive ribs, 'stand up paddle boards' and kayaks, but this is also a ship where you can take part in the hands on sailing, join a night watch or climb the rigging.

Santa Maria Manuela was once the flagship of the Portuguese cod fishing fleet. Built in 1937, in the same year as her sister ship Creoula, she was designed to fish the Newfoundland Banks and rich fishing waters of Arctic Greenland. She often carries the small rowing and sailing dories that would have set out from the mother ship to fish for cod, so you can continue her fishing tradition from small boats or from her huge wooden decks.
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  • Modelo: Custom - 4 masted scooner
  • Capacidad: 46 plazas
  • Eslora:
  • Cabinas: 16
  • Año: 1937
  • Baños: 16
  • GPS
  • Radar
  • Chalecos salvavidas
  • VHF
  • Sonda
  • Molinete eléctrico
  • Piloto automático
  • Equipo de viento
  • Generador
  • Embarcación auxiliar
  • Hélice de proa
  • Ducha
  • Equipo de buceo
  • Cañas de pescar
  • Equipo HI-FI
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV
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