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Experiencia de Naturaleza en Kasnäs, Finlandia

Disfruta de una Week of sailing in Finland saliendo desde Kasnäs, Finlandia. Con Seguro, Patrón profesional, Ropa de cama incluido en el precio.
Actividad de:
  • Naturaleza

  • Vacaciones en barco

Departure: Saturday, July 6th at 16:00
Kasnäs Harbor - Havsparkvägen 2, 25930 Kasnäs, Finland

You will have the opportunity to really learn to sail on this trip. You will learn the curriculum of the RYA Competent Crew course on this adventure so you can be an active member on board!

On the first day we will meet here, provision the boat with what we want to eat and drink all week and start getting to know each other!

Here we will anchor in a sheltered spot surrounded by beautiful and untouched nature. The mossy granite and greenery on shore creates a pleasant backdrop for our evening on board. Just relax and take it all in.

In the bay here we will moor at a small wooden pier in a family-operated harbor. The general plan is to socialize and eat great food like fresh rolls that can be delivered to the boat! Check out the floating sauna if you are looking for more of a spa day.

On the way from Bodo, we can drop anchor to go for a swim at the beach. The beach is located in a crescent shaped bay surrounded by green forest. Then we will sail on in search of a quiet place to spend the night away from civilization.

This little paradise has a small port, cafe with delicious homemade bread, theater performances and a place to try out archery. If you love walking, you will find 2.5km of walking paths through the forests which connect all the main attractions.

Before getting to Hamnholmen, we will stop at Helsingsholmen to pick up some incredible smoked fish. Since this will most likely be the last anchorage away from it all, we can play music and sing all night long!

Our final night will be spent feasting like the Vikings. Sit on the softest fur in front of a fire, drink, eat, and tell your favorite stories from the week with your new friends.

Return: Saturday, July 13th at 9:00
Kasnäs Harbor
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El precio incluye:
  • Seguro
  • Patrón profesional
  • Ropa de cama
El precio no incluye:
  • Gastos de amarre y fondeo
  • Comidas a bordo
  • Comidas y bebidas en tierra
  • Transporte hasta el aeropuerto
  • Combustible
  • Desplazamiento hasta el barco
  • Vuelos
There is a cash pool of about 140€ per person per week that covers groceries, water, food for the skipper, diesel fuel and marina fees. This can vary based on what you and your crew want to spend. This cost is to be paid on arrival to the boat.

There is no minimum number of crew members for this activity to be carried out!

The cabins are always shared (each cabin fits 2 people).

The first language of the skippers in English. Crew members may speak other languages, including Spanish, so keep that in mind when communicating with the rest of the crew.

There may be differences is regards to the size of the boat.

The boat model may also change depending on the number of people signed up for the trip. The boats that we sail are high quality and between 5 and 10 years old (build after 2008): Bavaria, Benetau, Sun Odyssey, Hanse... We always select boats with the best quality/ price relationship, 40 to 50 feet long.
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Kasnäs, Finlandia