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Experiencia de Cursos de vela en Middletown, Rhode Island, EE. UU

Disfruta de una Yachtmaster Offshore/ Coastal Sail Theory Course saliendo desde Middletown, Rhode Island, EE. UU. Con Patrón profesional, Certificados incluido en el precio.
Schedule: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm
Course Duration: 40hrs

What we will cover during this course:
- Positions fixing
- Course shaping and plotting
- Tidal knowledge
- Use of almanacs and admiralty publications
- Electronic position fixing equipment
- Taking and interpreting forecasts
- Plotting weather systems
- Weather predictions by using a barometer and by observation
- Collision Regulations
- Customs and excise regulations for cruising abroad.

The Yachtmaster theory course is intensive and builds upon existing knowledge, so please arrive well prepared. There are many resources available as books and online to help with pre-course preparation and study.
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El precio incluye:
  • Patrón profesional
  • Certificados
Prerequisites – Yachtmaster Offshore
- 50 days, 5 as skipper, totaling 2,500 miles
- 5 passages over 60 miles, including 2 overnight and 2
as skipper
- First Aid/CPR certification
- Copy of application
- Two Passport sized photos

Prerequisites – Yachtmaster Coastal
- 30 days, 2 days as skipper, totaling 800 miles
- 12 night hours (if you hold the Coastal Skipper course
certificate this is reduced to 20 days, 2 days as skipper,
400 miles, 12 night hours)
- Half the qualifying sea time must be conducted in tidal waters
- First Aid/ CPR certification
- Copy of Application
- Two Passport sized photos

This course requires a minimum of 3 students.
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Puerto de salida

Middletown, Rhode Island, EE. UU