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Experiencia de Aventura en Tortola, Islas Vírgenes Británic

Disfruta de una Cruce del Atlántico de Tórtola a Ámsterdam saliendo desde Tortola, Islas Vírgenes Británic a bordo de un Custom - Schooner de 36 de eslora, del año 1902, con 22 pax de capacidad, 8 cabinas, 2 baños, . Con incluido en el precio.

Tortola, Islas Vírgenes Británic

Características del barco
Originally built with a wooden hull in 1902, her original purpose was to transport fish between fishing boats and back to the harbour. To ensure the fish remained fresh, the ship was built and rigged for speed.

During her working life, she was refitted with a steel hull and after several other owners, she was transformed in 1998 into a luxury passenger vessel. Renovated again in 2012, she was updated with all new safety features/equipment and all the modern comforts you could possibly want from a charter vessel.

With her graceful design and sailing lines, the ship is still very fast, and reliable, and is truly comfortable under full sail. Her build and modern rigging system, allows her to perform excellently both on the Ijsselmeer, Baltic Sea and out on the Atlantic ocean, with most of her time spent in the North & Baltic Sea when she isn’t making the voyage down to the Canary Islands or around the Caribbean.

Whether at the helm, on deck or in the cosy wheelhouse, the vessel is much loved by all her guests
- accommodation of 2 and 3 berth cabins makes her a perfect ship for families too.
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  • Modelo: Custom - Schooner
  • Capacidad: 22 plazas
  • Eslora:
  • Cabinas: 8
  • Año: 1902
  • Baños: 2
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