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Experiencia de Naturaleza en Palermo, Italia

Disfruta de una Sailing the Egadi islands for a week saliendo desde Palermo, Italia. Con Seguro, Limpieza final, Patrón profesional incluido en el precio.
Actividad de:
  • Naturaleza

  • Vacaciones en barco

Saturday: Embark from port of Palermo – Villa Igea (Check-in 3:30pm)
Embark and set sail from Palermo heading west along the coast of Sicily passing by Capo Gallo natural park and Isola delle Femmine. Night at anchor in front of Terrasini village.

Sunday: Terrasini and Favignana Island
We will sail from Terrasini to Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, created in 1981. Stretching along the coast for 7 km from the lovely little village of Scopello in the east close to San Vito Lo Capo in the west, this park and its surrounding areas are one of the most beautiful parts of western Sicily. Windswept and weather-beaten, Lo Zingaro has been shaped by nature to stunning effect. Cliffs drop precipitously into the azure sea, mountainsides rise steeply up to heights of 1,000m and the series of delightful pebbly beaches with transparent turquoise water are as lovely as you can find in the Mediterranean. Sailing to Aegadian Islands, overnight in Favignana Island.

Monday: Favignana Island
The main island of the Egadi, seen from the coast it seems to be a butterfly with spread out wings. Its name derives from “Favonius," the gentle warm western wind of the ancient Romans. At about 9 miles from Trapani (Sicily), the island with its small beaches, beautiful unpolluted inlets and crystal clear sea represents a desirable tourist destination that perfectly connects the past and present. A small community of fishermen have been living for centuries particularly on tuna fishing. Nowadays Favignana boasts the only profit-making "Tonnara" in the Mediterranean where its particular fishing practice consists of a complex system of nets lowered into the sea from April to July. It ends with the "mattanza" (killing the fish), a violent but traditional ritual.

Tuesday: Favignana Island – Marettimo Island
The farthest of the Aegadian Islands, green with tall cliffs that hang down to the warm and intensely turquoise sea, is considered one of the last unpolluted natural paradises in the Mediterranean. The characteristic of this Mediterranean pearl that makes it unique is its luxuriant nature with a rich fauna both above and below the sea. In the mountainous area wild mountain goats, boars and rabbits populate it. The island is a nest-building place for the second Mediterranean colony of the storm bird and of the Bonelli eagle. Another reason Marettimo cannot be missed is its caves, the most famous of them are the Camel and Thunder caves. People there have a profound sense of hospitality and always desire conversation with those who arrive from afar.

Wednesday: Marettimo Island - Levanzo Island
Defined as the lonely island, a natural oasis for those who love peacefulness in harmony with nature, Levanzo is the smallest and the oldest of the Aegadian Islands, its origin dating back to 200,000 years ago. Its coasts are characterized by a continuous succession of inlets and bays, each gifted with unique appeal due to the rich and rare flora that includes different endemic species (about 400). Visiting the Genovese cave you can admire some ancient graffiti, dating back 9200 b.c, testifying the presence of an ancient civilization of hunters and tuna fishers.

Thursday: Levanzo Island - San Vito lo Capo
One day and night involved in the Cous Cous Festival event, the boats will be docked in the marina and all guests will be able enjoy the street food, restaurants in open spaces and Moroccan tents. Concerts and music events will be going till late evening for those who want to enjoy more and more. This International gastronomic competition brings together chefs from all over the world around the undisputed star of the event - the cous cous! The dish’s rich history is an element of synthesis between cultures and is a symbol of openness.

Friday: San Vito lo Capo
Sailing back to Palermo, overnight and disembark the morning after (Saturday 9:00am). The Skipper will be happy to give the best advice for those who wants to visit Palermo and take some time in town.

This type of holiday is flexible so you can do as much or as little as you choose. You’ll decide the itinerary day by day with the rest of the group and with the suggestions of an experienced skipper. There is opportunity to lie back and relax and sunbathe, read a book, listen to music, chat with new or old friends. You may like to while away the time with a game of backgammon or cards. You can swim, snorkel, or even try out other water-sports if they are available when you are at anchor. We always try to plan everyday to never have a too long navigation time and always to find the time to stop for swimming or to visit a town or a site of natural or cultural interest and of course for eating the local delicacies and to enjoy the night-life! It is always you (or the skipper about the weather conditions) deciding if you want to sleep at the anchor in a secluded bay or to moor in a harbour.
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El precio incluye:
  • Seguro
  • Limpieza final
  • Patrón profesional
El precio no incluye:
  • Gastos de amarre y fondeo
  • Comidas a bordo
  • Ropa de cama
  • Combustible
The August 10-17 trip and August 17-24 trip will be in a 3-boat flotilla!

The September 20-29 will be during the Cous Cous Fest.

Extra costs for food, fuel and mooring are expected to range around 100-150€ and are to be paid on board. There is also an extra charge of 15€ to be paid on board for bed linens and towels.

Check-in/out: First day is Saturday, and you may come to the boat at 4.00pm, while the boat will leave the following morning after breakfast. Last day late afternoon (6.00 pm Friday) the boat comes back to the harbour; on the 7th day (Saturday) after breakfast you say goodbye to the crew. Altogether 7 full days on the boat.

Sailboats for Classic Cabin Charter are equipped with 4 double cabins, allowing to board max. 8 guests. Every boat has a fully equipped kitchen with gas stoves and oven, two bathrooms with shower and water heater. Power onboard 12V available, plenty lights everywhere, Radio-CD player and several electric and electronic equipments (12V power). The boat has as well 220V power system but it only works when docked in marina connected to shore-power, so hair dryers and other devices 220V can work only in that case (unless you have a 12V hairdryer). So don’t forget to bring a 12Volt battery charger for your mobile phone (like the one you use in the car).

NOTE: Current itinerary might be subject to change according to unpredictable weather conditions

What to bring:
First of all do NOT FORGET to bring your CAMERA! Comfortable, informal clothing and equally comfortable shoes are a must for sightseeing in cities. Soft or rubber soled footwear or boat shoes (white sole) on the boat. Wear standard shoes and sandals for on-shore use only. Life on a boat will generally be informal, so keep in mind - don't come with rigid suitcases - they are difficult to store on a boat. And you'll probably want to bring at least two swimsuits along with some beach towels - as these are not supplied on the boat. It is actually advisable to bring your own snorkel. There are usually masks on board. Scuba diving equipment is not available but we can organize a dive whenever you want with our partners on the island.
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Palermo, Italia